Martin House Children's Hospice

Boston Spa, West Yorkshire

This children’s hospice, the first of its kind in northern England, is designed to cater for severely ill children to receive a high level of nursing care in more familiar domestic surroundings. The aim of the unit is to provide respite care and support for the day-to-day carers, parents, guardians and the families of the children. 

After initially winning a limited competition in 1985 to design the hospice, the scheme set out to be an exemplar and pioneer in the type and level of care. Based on Helen House in Oxford, the only other respite care facility in the UK at that time, the design intended to create a unique set up for the area. Since the first commission we have worked with the staff to provide additional facilities such as a teenage unit, training rooms and a non-denominational chapel in the grounds.

The site and buildings have been developed with universal access being a fundamental driver, ensuring that the environment remains comfortable and homely to everyone at all times.

Martin House is considered a pioneer and leading establishment from which groups draw expertise to design and operate new hospices for respite care in other parts of the country.